Cats task definition

You just created web task definition and the way to define cats task is almost same. The only difference with cats is to configure FireLens, which is a container log router for Amazon ECS to send logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs.

Create catsdef

  1. Move to Amazon ECS Task definition to create new.
  2. Select launch type compatibility: EC2
  3. Task Definition Name: catsdef

Configure FireLens

Enable FireLens

  1. Scroll down to Log Router Integration and check Enable Firelens Intigration. Select fluentbit and click Apply.

Scroll up to Container Definitions and check if log_router container was created. CheckLogRouter

Log Configuration of log_router container

Click log_router container and scroll down to Advanced container configuration – STORAGE AND LOGGING to configure log.

  1. Log configuration: Uncheck Auto-configure CloudWatch Logs
  2. Log driver and options: LogConfig
  • Log driver: awslogs
  • Log options: Copy and paste is recommended.
Key Value Input
awslogs-group Value firelens-container
awslogs-region Value ap-northeast-2
awslogs-stream-prefix Value firelens
awslogs-create-group Value true
  1. Scroll down to the end and click Update.

Add cats container

Come back to Container Definitions and click Add container to add cats. CatsTask

  1. Configure cats container.
  • Container name: cats
  • Image: your cats latest image URI

Open new browser tab and move to ECR. Select cats repository and click the button of latest tagged image.


  • Memory Limits - Hard limit 128
  • Port mappings
    • Host port: 0
    • Container port: 80 (tcp)

Log Configuration of cats container

Scroll down to Advanced container configuration – STORAGE AND LOGGING and configure cats container logging.

  1. Log configuration: Uncheck Auto-configure Cloudwatch Logs.
  2. Log driver and options: CatsLogConfig
  • Log driver: awsfirelens
  • Log options
Key Value Input
Name Value cloudwatch
log_group_name Value ecs-demogo-log
log_stream_prefix Value from-fluent-bit
region Value ap-northeast-2
auto_create_group Value true
  1. Click Add then the window closes. Check if cats container added.
  2. Click Create.