Service Cats

Create service cats

  1. Click Create in DEMOGO-ECS Services tab.
  2. Step 1: Configure service CreateCats
  • Launch type: EC2
  • Task Definition Family: catsdef Revision: 1 (latest)
  • Service name: cats
  • Number of tasks: 2
  • Task Placement: AZ Balanced Spread
  1. Next step
  1. Step 2: Configure network
  • Load balancing
    • Load balancer type – Application Load Balancer
    • Load balancer name: Select demogo-alb
  1. Select cats:0:80 and click Add to load balancer. AddCats

  2. Container to load balance CatsContainer

  • Production listener port: 80:HTTP
  • Target group name: Click create new and type cats
  • path pattern: /cats*, Evaluation order: 1
  • Health check path: /cats/
  1. Service discovery: Uncheck
  2. Set Auto Scaling: Select Do not adjust the service’s desired count AutoScale
  3. Review and create service cats.